We provide support for your existing profit model, while searching for avenues to suggest cost savings solutions. Such as creative in-house rewards  program, banking solutions, automated text marketing, deregulated utilities, telecommunication, zero% merchant processing, pos systems and integration. Along with a data base of a RSZ custom management programing solutions to assist front and back of the house operations.


RSZ has an exclusive partnership with one of the most diverse “private” Lifestyle Membership in the United States and Canada.  You will qualify for “wholesale” membership pricing to bundle with in-store offers. Essentially, locking in predictable revenue stream, month-after-month. Not to mention, you will be “giving back” tremendous value to those who support your in house rewards program with loyalty and  benefits unmatched in our industry.


Next, we needed to assist you in not only driving in new customers, but giving them the ability to share on Social Media  points and much more! We partnered with one of the most advanced referral systems that exist today. It delivers an “automated” all-in-one solution for new traffic, while at the same time leveraging and rewarding your existing customers and creating a business in house data-base.


RSZ has partnered with market leaders at providing Energy products to commercial and industrial customers. We save our clients Time, Money & Energy. Let us show you how to do the same.

Natural Gas – Propane – Electricity


We fortify the restaurant profitability by partnering with some of the largest Telecommunication companies in the USA and abroad. Together, we service everything from basic POTS service to installing fiber. Best of all, RSZ monitors and maximizes pricing, saving you hundreds  of dollars each year.




The CMPS human resource library is organized and built for the development of ANY hospitality type business. We cover the essential elements for successful back-office management with “customizable” documents to help scale your operational needs.


Simply complete the form below and an RSZ representative will contact you within 48 hours to cover any off the above services.